Building vacations that connect people in the most sustainable way.


vacations that connect people in the most sustainable way.

“Travel is a consumer good, and in becoming so, it is at risk of losing its very essence: that sense of escaping and being free. At Tukazza, we believe in the power of humanity and of sharing, so we want to build more human and friendlier vacations that are based on trust. Vacations are an essential part of being able to relax and get the most out of life. So we bring communities together, and create travel options that are easy-to-use and adapted to everyone - all while accompanying our members at every stage of their trips.”

Our mission is based on three pillars


We believe welcoming guests is a pleasure, so that guests feel ‘at home’


We strengthen trust between guests and hosts thanks to platforms that place human interaction above all else



We celebrate connections between guests and locals, to enable the most ‘real’ experiences

Who are we?

With more than 100 employees in over 10 countries, we put people at the center of our work.

Created in 2011, the Tukazza group initially became a leader in the home swapping market by gaining more than 150,000 members for HomeExchange. In 2022, we decided to utilise our deep expertise in travel and creating and maintaining dynamic communities by launching ourselves into the private rental sector, enabling us to further nurture what we know best: the human touch, trust and support.

Our brands

The world’s largest home exchange community.

An exclusive community for the exchange of exceptional properties.

Our trusted community for worry-free rentals.